Saturday, October 1, 2011

To Move or Not To Move

I didn't actually think I'd be contemplating moving right now, but I might have to.  I am definitely not a stranger to moving.  In the past 12 years I have lived in 9 different places.  I've lived in my current apartment for almost two years.  So that means that it's about time to renew my lease and lo and behold, the notice showed up on my door this week.

I'm starting to feel a bit more at home here - sometimes it takes a while!  It took me almost a year to get a bed for my guest bedroom and it's only been a couple months since I figured out the rest of that room - courtesy of Ikea.  :)  And though I REALLY dislike not having a washer and dryer in my unit, I'm getting used to it.  The grounds of the complex are generally nice, lots of trees, grass, lots of places to walk the dog.  Though not the most up-to-date facilities and I don't use them much, we've got a pool, tennis and basketball courts, a sand volleyball pit, a couple grills for public use, and a very small gym.  I haven't made many friends but I'm okay with that.  There are quite a few young families - mostly Indian, some older people, nobody is exactly high-class, but nobody is particularly trashy, either.  It generally feels safe here.

My apartment itself had been recently updated when I moved in.  New cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, new countertops, too.  Newer carpet (though it is still the gross basic apartment carpet) and recently painted.  The lighting had been updated in the bedrooms, bathroom, and hall.  I've got a wood burning fireplace, a large balcony, A/C and a dishwasher, and GREAT closet space.  The square footage is fabulous for the price so I can fit all of my furniture easily.  I mean, really, how many cheap apartments can fit a king size bed in one bedroom and a queen in the other?

So, when that renewal notice came, I was thinking - yah, I'll stay here.  I'll try to get them to replace my windows (they're doing that to some units), or at the least, the window in the master bedroom.  I look totally ghetto because that window won't stay open and I've got a pink rolling pin poked in there to do the job.  :)  I originally thought that I'd renew for another year because that is usually the best rental rate, but for some reason, they're promoting a 10 month lease for less money.  Okay, I can do that.  It would actually end my next lease at a much better time - I mean, who wants to move between Christmas and New Years???

Then last night I heard my downstairs neighbor (the pot head with Kitty) arguing with somebody.  I admit it, I muted the TV so I could hear what they were saying.  In my defense, it's not like they were being quiet and they were arguing on the patio, which is right below my balcony - I couldn't help overhearing them.  I just facilitated the ease of my comprehension by muting the TV.  :)   The friend was staging some kind of intervention with my neighbor, telling him that his drug use was out of control.  I honestly just thought he was a pot head.  But then I heard him say that using that meth shit was going to kill him.  Meth?  Seriously?  Great.  Just what I want living beneath me.

My first thought is, I need to get out of here.  I need to find a new place to live, which won't be all that easy.  Then my next thought was, this is so completely unsafe - there are children and animals living here!  Is there anything I can do about getting him out of here?  Can I tell the police?  Can they do anything?  Is there anything the apartment complex will do?  What does the lease say?  If they can kick him out, it would make everything easier for me.  I wouldn't have to move and I wouldn't have to deal with all the cigarette smoke that wafts into my apartment.

I think I'll try that route first and see what I can do.  I really don't want to move right now.

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