Saturday, October 8, 2011

Which Dishes?

I need new dishes.  I've needed new dishes for years.  I'm down to five bowls and even one of those is cracked.  I've broken a few plates throughout the years.  And for some reason, when I bought my current dishes, I didn't realized they weren't microwave safe.  They're really not anything special, just cute white ceramic with a raised linear detail on the edges, from Pier 1 Imports.  Why aren't they microwave safe?  Who makes basic dishes that aren't microwave safe?  But really, they aren't.  Thirty seconds in there and they're scalding hot.  Burn the shit out of your hands, but your food's still cold, freaking hot.

And honestly, when I was sure I was going to marry my last boyfriend, I decided that I'd wait until we registered and ask for new dishes that way.  Well, that was years ago now.  And I need new dishes more than ever.  But I can't decide which ones!  I like white, but not plain white.  I need some sort of detail.  Here are the two sets I've narrowed it down to:

These are the Neobaroque dishes from West Elm.  They are lovely and feminine, have a fun scalloped edge detail, and are not too expensive.  The bowl (which you can't see) has the same edge detail as the plates on the side of the bowl.  They're probably a bit delicate, though.

These are the Mercer dishes from Crate & Barrel.  They are much simpler, but not too simple.  They have a textured surface, a cute raised edge, seem more hand-made, and are probably a little more heavy-duty.  They're a little pricier than the Neobaroque, though not much.  And I can't buy them in a set because I don't want the mugs.

Help me decide!

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