Monday, October 10, 2011

Coolest Bookshelf Ever!

This bookshelf is from Linteloo, a company in The Netherlands.  It is called Nureyev.  And it is fabulous!  It's over 6' tall and is 3 1/2' in diameter.  It has little cubbies of different sizes for all your books.  And it rotates!  So cool!

We recently installed this in a client's home and it is absolutely perfect for him and the location.  I had to mount a serious search to find this and then we had to wait forever for it to get here from The Netherlands.  It's not cheap either, I think it retails for $8000 or $9000, maybe even closer to $10,000.  But it's a total conversation piece as well as functional, so I think our client feels it was worth it!

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