Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back! I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy for another week of what I wore!

Outfit #1

I'm trying to figure out different ways to wear my dresses besides just throwing on a cardi - I like how this turned out. The buttondown under the dress with the belt over felt successful. Then, by accident I realized these tights, that I was having problems pairing with anything, went really well with the scarf. Voila! Outfit!

Dress - Loft / Shirt - Croft & Barrow / Scarf - ? / Belt - from another dress / Tights - Hue / Boots - ?

Outfit #2

Another attempt at something a little different - my version of winter pastels. Semi successful. I realized that while I love the idea of this sweater, it drives me crazy because it will not stay on my shoulders, no matter what. It was so annoying!

Cardi - J. Jill / Top - Lauren Conrad / Jeans - J. Jill / Shoes - Anne Klein

Outfit #3

Back to the basics. :)

Top - Lela Rose/Neiman Marcus for Target / Cardi - Target / Jeans - JCP / Shoes - Calvin Klein

Outfit #4

I've honestly been looking for a basic tan cardi for a while now. I ordered one from online a while back and didn't receive it when I got the rest of the order. When I called to check on it, they said they ran out before they could fulfill my order. Sad. Then when I was Christmas shopping, I found this one. There was no sign indicating a sale, but when I checked out - surprise! Happy! And it's a cashmere blend, so double happy!

Cardi - JCP - $14.99 sale from $38.00 / Shirt - Target / Belt - Coach / Jeans - JCP / Shoes - Sam Edelman

Just had to show these up close again. I absolutely love these patent cap toe flats. 

Outfit #5

Just hanging out on Sunday. Running errands - third trip to Target in a week! - and making cookies. And, oops, I just realized this was the third day in one week that I wore these same jeans. 

Sweater - The Limited / Jeans - JCP / Shoes - Coach

These deserve a little close up (and need some polish!).

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed my outfits and I'll see you next week!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back to What I Wore! I have a seriously fun outfit to share with you along with all of my regular outfits this week! I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy, so be sure to head on over there to check out the other bloggers' outfits, too!

Outfit #1

For some reason I always feel Christmas-y when I wear red, even if that's not what I'm going for. And the people I saw this day didn't help since so many of them said I was festive. Ugh.

Wrap Sweater - CAbi / Tank - Target / Necklace - Holiday Mart vendor / Pants - J. Jill / Boots - Nine West

Outfit #2

Usually we dress down a little on Fridays, but I was meeting a new client so I wanted to look nice.

Blouse - Apt. 9 / Blazer - Talbots / Pants - Land's End / Belt - Coach / Shoes - Calvin Klein

Outfit #3

This is the outfit I was so excited to show you! Friday night one of the showrooms we frequent, TOWN, had their fabulous anniversary party. It was especially big and fun this year as they were celebrating 10 years. I originally bought this dress for an event next March (I know, so early!), but decided I had a couple of other events I could wear it to before then and really get my money out of it. 
I absolutely LOVE this dress. Stripes, shiny, pleats, pockets! There's a belt, too, but it's a little difficult to see it.

Dress - Eliza J via Nordstrom - $158.00 / Tights - Assets / Shoes - Nine West

Though you can't really see it, I'm wearing this totally fun fascinator. I bought it at the Junior League Holiday Mart this year and decided it would make it's debut at this party. I figured a party filled with design people would appreciate it. And they did! And I wasn't the only girl wearing a fascinator, either. :)

This is the clutch I got especially for this dress. :) I got a ton of compliments on it (and the dress!) and I love it almost as much as the dress. The funny thing is that I got it at Charming Charlie for under $30 and then I saw the exact same clutch in the Nordstrom catalog for almost $50! I love a great deal!

Outfit #4

Hanging out with Michelle outfit. I was still recuperating from the party the previous night and couldn't put an ounce of effort into my hair, so please pardon it.
Something I don't think I've mentioned lately - these are wide calf boots. I have to buy all of my boots from sites like or because they're specialty wide calf sites. The "wide calf" option regular boot companies offer aren't wide enough for my calves. And a lot of times, regular "wide calf" boots also come with wide feet. My feet are normal, not wide, so those types of boots don't work for me.

Cardi - Boston Proper / Tee - Rebecca Beeson / Jeans - J. Jill / Boots - David Tate

Outfit #5

Back to work! And I'm all about layers lately because it's been absolutely frigid lately!

Sweater - Loft / Tank - Target / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Skirt - Loft / Boots - ? (they're ancient!)

Outfit #6

Though it's Tuesday, the boss is out of town, so I went a little casual in the office.

Top - Anne Klein / Cardi - Apt. 9 / Jeans - JCP / Shoes - Coach

That's all for this week! I'll see you again next week with more outfits!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back to What I Wore! I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy, so be sure to check out the other bloggers' outfits!

I stayed at a friend's house for part of the past week, so some of my photos have a different background. It was difficult to find a place to set my camera at the right height and be able to get far enough away from it, so please pardon all the miscellaneous stuff in the background!

Outfit #1

Cozy and comfortable outfit for the last work day before Thanksgiving, when I had to run around like a mad woman before the showrooms I needed to visit at the Design Center closed early. I got so many compliments on my polka dot pants! :)

Top - Target / Cardi - Target / Pants - Joe Fresh / Shoes - Steve Madden

Outfit #2

This is what I wore to Thanksgiving dinner. My aunts loved my top and my Grandma even complimented my shoes. A compliment from my Grandma is quite a feat!

Top - Darling / Cardi - Target / Pants - Style & Co. / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #3

Lately I only wear my contacts when I'm dressing up a little bit or have a night out planned, but seeing myself without glasses, in this casual outfit on a day when I didn't really do much, makes me want to wear my contacts more often again.

Cardi - Matty M / Tank - Old Navy / Cords - Land's End / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #4

I didn't quite get the makeup applied this day, so I cropped out my head. :) I love this sweater, but it's really only good for slightly nice days when a heavy coat isn't needed because the sleeves are so big they don't fit inside a coat.

Cardi - Leo & Nicole / Tank - Target / Jeans - JCP / Belt - Coach / Shoes - Steve Madden

Outfit #5

Back to work after the long weekend. I had to be dressy onsite again, so this outfit was good for that. But it was crazy windy outside, which was disastrous with this pleated skirt!

Top - H&M / Necklace - Boutique in High Point, NC / Belt - ? / Skirt - Target / Tights - Assets / Shoes - Coach 

Outfit #6

I don't know what's going on with my hair here! This was the last nice day before the cold front and I needed to be able to run around the Design Center and have an outfit to take me all the way through the evening and a Junior League meeting I had to speak at. This fit the bill.

Cardi - Matty M / Tank - Old Navy / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Pants - CAbi / Shoes - Nine West

Outfit #7

Hello cold front! It was 3 degrees and snowing, with a wind chill of -5 when I left the house this morning. BRRRRR! So I bundled up. I actually had to borrow this turtleneck. I thought I had one, but I couldn't find it anywhere; it must still be in storage somewhere.

Cardi - CAbi / Belt - ? / Turtleneck - Cabella's / Pants - Stlye & Co. / Boots - David Tate

That's it for now! See you next week!