Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back to another week of what I wore! I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy, so check out their websites, too!

Outfit #1

Oui oui! I felt quite French in this fun outfit. And quite cutie, too. The navy stripes felt really cute and not at all patriotic with the red belt and shoes. For some reason, I don't actually like to wear red that much. I love it in my house - most of the art in my living areas and the kilim rug I have are quite red. But I tend not to buy many clothes or shoes that are that color. Case in point, I've had these shoes for so, so many years, and while I think they're borderline out of style (the toes are a bit too big and square), I can't quite say goodbye to them yet. They're in great shape and the color is a really good red. Not too red, not too dark.

Top - Loft / Belt - Macy's? / Skirt - Target / Shoes - Reaction Kenneth Cole

Outfit #2

Another color combination I don't wear very often - orange and blue. But this time it's because it reminds me too much of the Broncos colors. And though I may love their football, I just can't quite go there with regular clothes. I also don't think orange is one of my best colors. But since I'm trying to wear things in my closet that don't see the light of day often enough, I needed to pull this top out. Aren't these wedges fun? I got them over the winter on clearance and finally remembered to wear them.

Top - Wallis / Necklace - Target / Capris - Target / Shoes - Target

 Outfit #3

Nothing very exciting or fun here, but I had a lot of running around to do this day and wanted to be comfortable. I wish you could see the details on this top - it's another one of those that has ruffles and pleats - all kinds of things that make it totally cute. At least you can see that it is sheer and the darker black on the button placket is actually velvet.

Top - Target / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Capris - Old Navy / Shoes - Steve Madden

Outfit #4

After work I had dinner plans with a friend and you just never know who you're going to see, so I dressed up a bit. These pants are seriously so cute and comfortable - I can't get enough of them!

Top - INC / Necklace - Loft / Pants - Liz Claiborne / Shoes - Target

 Outfit #5

Super casual Saturday. I really need to wear a tank under this semi-sheer t-shirt, but I was only hanging at home and running to Target, so I didn't really care. But I did want to fun it up with all the animal print accessories.

Top - J. Crew / Bracelet - J. Crew / Belt - Target / Pants - Eddie Bauer / Flips - Nine West

I finally joined the sock bun bandwagon. :) At a Junior League meeting last week two of the girls had their hair in sock buns and it looked so cute. One of the girls even demonstrated the technique for us. I didn't actually use a sock because I don't have socks that would match my hair, so I went and bought the mesh pouf-like thing. My hair is super thin so I have to be really strategic about how it covers the mesh thing, but I think I did a pretty good job. And I really like the look!

Outfit #6

We've had some really weird, cool weather for July. Usually I would be roasting in a maxi dress, but this morning was chilly and foggy, so the warmth was actually kind-of welcome. I still need to hem this a little bit - I still have to wear hella high wedges to keep the hem off the ground.

Dress - Target / Belt - from a skirt / Shoes - Nine West

I hope you enjoyed my outfits this week and that you'll come back next week for more!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Wore

Lots of outfits for you guys this week! I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy, so make sure to hop on over there to check out other bloggers outfits!

 Outfit #1
dressing up chambray

I recently saw this outfit on one of the bloggers who link up and I very much wanted to interpret it in my way. This is what I did:

I knew that I had a skirt in a similar pink tone - this relatively fancy skirt that has metallic threads that give it a lovely sheen and that I rarely wear except to dressy events. And of course I have a chambray button down. I also had a chunky gold necklace. But I'm not exactly the kind of girl to tie my shirt in a knot at my waist and that's not exactly appropriate for work and a Junior League meeting anyway, so I tucked my shirt in cleanly and added the neutral belt and sandals. I liked the overall look and I got lots of compliments. :)

Top - Old Navy / Necklace - Kohl's / Belt - Target / Skirt - CAbi / Sandals - Nine West

Outfit #2

I didn't intend to do this, but almost this entire outfit is from Target. And from different years, too - I didn't buy one of these pieces at the same time.

Dress - Target / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Belt - Target / Wedges - Target

Outfit #3

I wish you could see this top a little better because it's super cute. It's got ruffles and pleats and the print is all different sizes of hearts. <3

Top - Wallis / Belt - Target / Capris - Dockers / Wedges - Sam Edelmann

Outfit #4

I was trying to mix things up with a little bit of color today and I really liked the result.

Cardi - Sonoma via JCP - $13.49 / Tank - Old Navy / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Pants - Liz Claiborne / Flips - Land's End

Outfit #5

Just a casual Saturday. I had tentative plans to meet with some Junior League girls and then just ended up running some errands.

I just love the tassels on these flips!

Top - Old Navy / Capris - ANA / Flips - Coach

Outfit #6

We had family in town from California and had a big family dinner this night, so I had to look a little nicer even if I was still pretty casual. One of my cousins was shocked that I was in pants while she was in a dress for once. :)

Top - JCP / Necklace - J. Jill / Capris - J. Jill / Flips - Land's End

I got a new nail polish and it just happened to totally match my pants! :) Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Outfit #7

Sometimes it amazes me that some of the least expensive clothes I have get the most compliments. For example, this dress. While I don't remember exactly what I paid for it a year or so ago, it wasn't much as it's just from JCP. But I always get tons of compliments on it! It's a great off-white all-over lace, and the fit is really good.

You've seen these before in black and now here they are in tan, along with my mint toenails. 

Dress - Jones Wear Dress via JCP / Belt - Charming Charlie / Sandals - Target

I hope you liked my outfits this week! See you again soon!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back! Here's another week of my outfits. I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy, so click on over to their sites to check out the other bloggers' outfits.

Outfit #1

This top is so comfortable and perfect for a hot summer day at the office. It's light and flowy and just nice enough to pass in my (admittedly rather casual) office.

Top - Cameo & Myth via Nordstrom Rack - $24.97 sale from $68.00 / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Pants - Style & Co. / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #2

Though I've worn practically this exact outfit before, the belt is new and I added the turquoise necklace to match my crazy blue toenails. :)

Essie - In the Cab-ana
Top - Old Navy / Necklace - gift from my Uncle / Belt - DSW - $19.95 / Skirt - Target / Wedges - Black Rooster

Outfit #3

Those blue toenails were really inspiring me to try some different combinations!

Top - Elle / Necklace - gift from my Uncle / Belt - from a skirt / Shorts - Target / Shoes - Tahari

Outfit #4

I had really been craving a pair of coraly-pink skinny jeans. I was so jealous of the other bloggers who had them! I finally found these at Old Navy. They're the Rockstar Skinny fit, which is really not the right fit for my body type, but they didn't have this color in the curvy fits. The most similar color was a really hot pink, which isn't what I wanted at all. So anyway, though I often go up one size in pants, with this fit I went up two sizes just so the thighs could fit. Because they're such a skinny fit, the waist isn't as big as it usually would be with going up two sizes, so that's a plus. And because of the fit, the rise isn't crazy high. These actually hit me where I want pants like this to hit.

I was pretty colorful from the ankles down this day! I also wore my J. Crew calf hair bracelet that matches these flips.

Top - Target / Necklace - Target / Pants - Old Navy - $20.97 sale from $ 34.50 / Flips - Nine West

Outfit #5

This was a chilly, disgustingly humid day. I couldn't even deal with my hair, so back in a ponytail it went. Though the shirt has longer sleeves, it's still really lightweight because it's linen, so it's still summer appropriate.

Here's the cute polka dot shoes I accidentally cut out of the pic above. I still love the pairing of polka dots and stripes!

Top - H&M / Necklace & Bracelet - boutique in High Point / Belt - ? / Pants - CAbi / Shoes - Liz Claiborne

That's it for this week! Hope you enjoyed what I put together and that I'll see you again next week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back to another What I Wore! I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy, so click on their links to check out the other blogger's outfits!

Outfit #1

My boss was out of town this week, so I decided I could be pretty casual in the office. This coral necklace has a funny story. My parents always go to Santa Fe for their anniversary and often ask me if I want them to bring me anything back. I'd been on the lookout for a coral necklace and even had one in mind but it was really expensive, so I gave my  mom the details - I wanted a  multi-strand coral necklace, or if it was only one strand, I wanted it to be made of an unusually shaped bead - I didn't want a basic round bead, and I wanted it to be really red coral, not orangey at all. So what did she get me? An orange-red, round bead coral necklace. Um, thanks. It's the thought that counts!

Top - Calvin Klein / Necklace - Santa Fe, gift from my parents / Shorts - Target / Shoes - Black Rooster

Outfit #2

Happy Independence Day! Though I didn't really do anything special, I still wanted to wear patriotic colors. This top is a fun batik print in red, white, and blue, made a little more special by being entirely pleated.

Top - Michael Kors via Nordstrom Rack - $29.97 sale from $99.50 / Belt - from a skirt / Jeans - J. Jill / Flips - Land's End

Outfit #3

Totally casual weekend wear for running errands. I've had these capris forever. They are getting so worn out and even have bleach stains on them, but they are so comfortable that I won't throw them away.

Top - Daisy Fuentes / Capris - Old Navy / Flips - Tory Burch

Outfit #4

Back to the office after a wonderful long weekend. I got these capris a few years back at Junior League's Second Time Shop. I usually don't find anything nice in my size at the shop, but this day I found these great linen capri pants. They were in fabulous condition, the shop manager gave me a JLD member discount, and I've gotten lots of use out of them!

Top - Jones New York / Belt - Target / Capris - Michael Kors / Shoes - Coach

Sorry I don't have many outfits this week, but I hope you'll come back next week to see what I've put together!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back! Here's another week worth of my outfits, continuing with trying to wear new items or clothes that haven't yet been seen on my blog. I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy, of course!

Outfit #1

This fun and bright striped top has hanging in my closet since February for some reason. Not sure why...

I've been dying to wear this pretty bracelet, and though it doesn't match the shirt exactly, it's close enough!

Top - Loft - $34.65 sale from $49.50 / Necklace - Loft / Bracelet - J. Crew Factory - $17.50 / Capris - 212 Collection / Shoes - Nine West

Outfit #2

Over the past year I've sporadically done business with a company that is not one of our "normal" showrooms, where I know everybody and they know me. I got connected to one of their senior sales people and we realized that we have a totally random connection - his sister is one of my sorority sisters! Small world! We'd never met each other, just had a phone and email relationship, until this day - I needed to pick up a lamp from his company and he told me to look him up while I was there. So, I wanted to look kind-of nice to meet him for the first time. He had a really nice phone voice and just never know! Though this shirt was really the wrong thing to wear to make a good impression as it was wrinkled after 10 minutes - and after half a day sitting at my desk, it was a disaster! Oh well!

I've been on the lookout for some strappy nude sandals and these fit the bill - I love them!

Top - Target / Necklace - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - J. Jill / Shoes - Nine West via DSW - $69.95

Outfit #3

I've had this sundress for a few years and it is still so comfortable. I added the black cardi (with lace overlay that you can't see!) because it gets kind of chilly in the office now that the A/C is working.

I love these shoes that I've had for years. They have a little kitten heel and are really comfortable.

Cardi - Apt. 9 / Dress - Target / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #4

Heading to the Rockies game with Michelle and her daughters. I don't have any Rockies attire or anything in their colors that was casual enough, so this had to do. (Hi Scotty!)

me & Mira at the game - great seats!
Top - Target / Shorts - Target / Flips - Tory Burch

Outfit #5

So I'm pretty sure I could wear this shirt even if I was 9 months preggo. It's a great-looking lace with bat-wings and crochet trim on the sleeves. It also has an attached tank underneath, which makes it super easy to wear. I got it in Portland a year ago when I was shopping with my sister and she made so much fun of it, but whenever I wear it I get compliments!

Top - Style & Co. via Macy's / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Pants - Style & Co. / Shoes - Target

Outfit #6

I got this fun, bright ikat-like skirt on the same shopping trip in Portland. And it has pockets! Love it!

Top - Target / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Skirt - Worthington via JCP / Belt - Target / Shoes - Tahari

Hope you enjoyed my outfits from the past week and that you'll stop by again next week!