Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Guilty Pleasure

I've become addicted to watching the drama on this new reality show, Dirty Soap.  It's on E! and follows daytime soap stars in their real lives.  All of the people are inter-connected.  There's Jenna & Galen Gering - Galen is on Days of Our Lives and Jenna is his wife of more than ten years (she's the only one not on tv).  Then Kirsten Storms, who once played Belle on DOOL, but is now on General Hospital.  Then Kelly Monaco who is Sam on General Hospital and who was the first winner of Dancing with the Stars.  Then Brandon Beemer & Nadia Bjorlin, he was once Brady on DOOL and is now on The Bold and the Beautiful and she was Chloe on DOOL, they've been together for many years.  Lastly there's John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath, another couple who've been together for years, they're both from the now cancelled One Life to Live and previously Farah was Mimi on DOOL.

There's all sorts of ridiculous drama, but it's oh-so-fun to watch!  Jenna has serious issues with Galen's on-screen love life with Allison Sweeney.  Galen is un-ruffle-able, always calm, even when his 2-year old son locked himself in a room and Galen had to break into the room through the locked balcony doors.  Kirsten Storms seems like a not very nice person.  They only person in her family that she speaks to is her brother and has some serious issues with her former BFF, Farah.  Kelly Monaco is dealing with the break-up of a 18-year relationship while her character on the show actually gets married - not fun.  Brandon Beemer (who is seriously HOT) loves Nadia, but Nadia's mom doesn't approve of him.  Nadia is dealing with leaving DOOL and starting a movie career, I'm not sure if it's big screen movies or made-for-tv movies.  John-Paul and Farah are dealing with the end of their show, moving to LA from NYC, the future of their relationship (marriage?) and being back in a city where Kirsten and Farah can't seem to co-exist peacefully.

Part of the reason I like this show so much is because I used to watch Days of Our Lives faithfully.  Seriously.  For probably 15 years.  So I knew a lot of these characters.  Belle and Mimi were BFFs on the show (and in real life), so it's really interesting to watch Farah and Kristen's non-relationship now.  I particularly like watching the couple dynamics between Brandon and Nadia and Farah and John-Paul.  I'm constantly irritated with Jenna Gering.  I don't like Kirsten much.  And Kelly is interesting to get to know.

We'll see if I continue to like it.  Sometimes I get annoyed with reality shows quickly and stop watching, but this one might be different.

On a sort of same note, at the Junior League Holiday Mart this weekend, I met Kristian Alfonso - Hope Brady on Days of Our Lives!  She was so nice and didn't mind that I was a total fan-girl.  :)

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