Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Bit O' Emmy Fashion

I watched Joan Rivers' Fashion Police yesterday and decided to include some of her best and worst dressed of the Emmy's.


Nina Dobrev - Why yes, I have to agree.  She looks absolutely stunning in this dress.  Her tan looks natural, the jewelry is appropriate, red was THE color to wear, and this is a really flattering silhouette for her body.  The details on the dress are really fabulous, too.

Lena Headley - I have no idea who this woman is, except that I think she looks like Lara Flynn Boyle.  And I don't agree with them about this dress.  At all.  I think it's too covering and a little boring.  I don't like her pink shoes (imagine that!) because there isn't another bit of pink to answer them.  

The Fashion Police also liked Kristen Wiig's dress, which I had a mixed reaction to.

Now, their Worst:

Dianna Agron - Not the most flattering dress she has ever worn.  It's a lovely color on her, but it's a bit frumpy for someone so young.  And the wrinkles are a bit tacky.  I didn't see wrinkles on anybody else's dress.  The Glee girls really didn't do well this year.

Paula Abdul - She got reamed up and down for this dress.  And not really because it's not attractive, but because it didn't fit her correctly.  Or really because it had shifted on her body, putting the neckline off-center.  She never realized it, walked down the red carpet all off kilter, and NOBODY told her.  Sad.

Zooey Deschanel was the the last "worst".  They said this was too "little girl".  I don't think it's that bad, but it seems a little bridesmaid-y.  And I actually like the red ribbon on the pink dress.  In fact, I am looking for a pink tweed skirt to wear with a red patent leather belt and peep-toe heels.

The last dress I wanted to show is one I really like:

Sarah Hyland - I think she might be on Modern Family, or something.  I'm not real sure.  But I really like this dress.  I like the coral color, the silhouette, the pleating, and the fabric are beautiful.  The detail on the belt is great.  It's also not too sexy or too young - great for someone her age.  Her hair is pretty, too.  What I don't like are her shoes.  I wish they weren't such a bright silver.  I wish they were darker, more like the tone of the belt.

That's all I'm going to say about the Emmy's fashionistas.  Hoped you enjoyed my commentary.  :)

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