Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Fall!

I've decided that it's officially fall in my world.  I am a lover of fall.  And spring.  Not so much summer and winter, though.  If I could find a place in the world where it's never hotter than 85 and never colder than 45, I'd be in heaven.  John said good luck with that.

Any who...  It is quickly becoming fall here.  The leaves have started changing.  It is getting dark earlier and earlier.  The nights are getting cold - I think we were down in the 40s last week.  I can see my breath when I walk the dog in the morning and I've needed to wear a warm sweatshirt.  Lulu actually wants to cuddle and has been curling up in her cozy bed, instead of stretching out on the cool fireplace hearth.  It's fall!

I've needed to wear a sweater or a light jacket to work in the mornings, even though it's off by mid-morning because the days are still warm.  I've been closing the sliding door at night because I don't need to cool off the apartment that much anymore.  And I'll soon put away all of the fans that have attempted to keep me cool through the summer.  It's fall!

I'm switching out my fruity scented body wash for something more appropriate for fall - warm vanilla sugar.  :)  I need a warmer robe when I get out of the shower and I'm not sweating like a beast while blow drying my hair.  I find myself wearing jeans more often, even if it's with a tank top.  I need to switch out my shoe closet from all the sandals and flip flops to the boots and more cold weather appropriate shoes.  It's fall!

I need to bust out the down comforter for the bed because it's getting so chilly.  Lulu has actually been sleeping on the bed again, trying to siphon my heat.  I ate soup for lunch the other day and it really hit the spot.  I actually don't mind making myself dinner - turning the oven or stove on isn't the enemy.  And lastly, new tv programming is here.  It's fall!

Yay! Yay! Yay!  It's fall!!!

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