Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Emmy Fashion

More good and bad from the 2011 Emmy's!

Everything about Anna Paquin is fabulous here.  Her hair is perfect for the outfit, her makeup is good, the accessories are minimal and appropriate, the dress is awesome and looks great on her, and the best accessory of all is behind her - her husband and True Blood costar, Stephen Moyer. :)

This is somebody named Jurnee Smollet.  I have no idea who she is, but I love the dress.  It's a beautiful purple - not too royal, which is a color I hate, but dark enough for fall. It is very flattering and looks incredibly comfortable.  I do wish she had earrings that made more of a statement, but the shoes and clutch are good.

I LOVE this dress that Christine Baranski is wearing.  GREAT color, very flattering silhouette, age appropriate.  I like that she doesn't have hella cleavage, so the deep v is classy, not sexy.  The little sleeves are nice for an older woman who may not want to bare all of her arms.  Her hair is stunning and her makeup is flawless.  Good job, Christine!

I really like Emily Blunt's navy dress, too.  Again, completely age appropriate.  It's fun and flirty, like Emily.  Her hair looks a little blah in this picture, but it might have been okay from the back.  Beautiful.

Julia Stiles dress didn't get rave reviews, but I mostly like it.  I think the color isn't fantastic for this time of year, but I like it in general.  I like the lace and the gathering details, and it shows us her fab bod.  I also like her hair - very glam and sexy.  Kind of a nice counterpoint to the innocent lace.

I don't particularly like the style of Kristen Wiig's dress, but I LOVE the color.  I love that she wore brown because not many people do.  And I love the ombre effect.  Awesome.

Though I think Nancy O'Dell looks way too tan, and this dress didn't get rave reviews, I don't mind it.  What I really like that she paired bold turquoise jewelry with the red dress.  Love the combo.

And speaking of too tan, what the hell happened to Jane Krakowski?  Did she fall in a vat of spray tan?  YUCK!  And her silver lame dress isn't helping any.

I previously mentioned how Katie Holmes looked too simple, and here it is.  Pretty boring, huh?  Nothing interesting to her dress, no interesting jewelry.  Her hair is really not good.  I expect more from her.

Now one of the Glee girls, Amber Riley.  This dress would be better on her grandma.  I actually like the beaded cap sleeves, but the cut, the color, the fabric - it's all wrong for this amazing young talent.

The other Glee girl, Heather Morris.  What is this?  WAAAAY  TOO MUCH.  I like ruffles as much as the next girl, but this is too busy.  The v down to her belly button is a bit much, too.  Though I like the main color, I don't like the darker color in the background.  There would have been enough of a shadow effect from all the ruffles without emphasizing them with a contrasting color.  And I don't like her hair either.

Still no favorite dress yet, though.

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