Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion at the Emmy's

I forgot to watch the Emmy's, even the red carpet coverage.  So I didn't get to see all of the dresses, but I have seen the recaps.  I don't have a favorite, but there are a few dresses I think are quite beautiful and some I think are awful.

Connie Britton, from Friday Night Lights, was wearing red like so many other people.  But I absolutely LOVE the layers of flowing chiffon, the sky-high slit, the long bow at the waist, and the strapless top.  This would make a beautiful wedding dress, I think.  Not a huge fan of the shoes, but that's okay.

Heidi Klum was pushing the line here, but I like it, and if anybody can pull something like this off, it's her.  I've heard both good and bad reviews of this dress.  Some people think it looks like a brillo pad and that the color is boring.  I think it's a beautiful neutral taupe with a hint of color - almost lavender maybe.  I like the asymmetrical hem, I think that's actually the only way the the design would work.  What I don't like is Heidi's choice of jewelry.  I don't like the big flowers.  I think her jewelry should have been more simple with the busy skirt.

I love Martha Plimpton in this dress.  And I love this dress.  And I love what she did with her hair.  Love it all.  The cut of the dress is so flattering to Martha, it shows us that she has a fab figure, which I definitely didn't know.  The color is great for her skin tone and is wonderfully appropriate for early fall.  The sparkles give it just enough umph so that she doesn't need lots of jewelry.  Her hair is classic and lovely, not overly styled or too simple (like Katie Holmes),

I usually really like Christina Hendricks.  I like that she's got hella curves and shows them off.  But this dress is not good on her.  Her boobs are too smushed together and the circular design of the beading that centers on her belly just emphasizes it, and not in a good way.  Also, I think her hair is boring.

Really?  Gwyneth Paltrow is usually effortlessly beautiful, but this just seems like she is trying too hard.  I might have been able to get on board if she didn't have a bare midriff, but the lace or embroidery is really busy.  If it was a little more simple of a pattern, I would be more okay with the black over nude.

Again, I usually really like Julianna Margulies, but this is not good.  It is too sculptural and too stiff.  The shoes are too clunky.  I feel like she must've been dropping crumbs down the top because it stuck out so far from her body.  And the skirt looks like it is really thick, like it's a drapery that is lined in bump cloth (a thick layer of cotton that gives the drapery body and insulates the room).  No.  Just no.

I not only like Melissa McCarthy, I love her.  But this dress does not do anything good for her.  Frump-a-licious.  I guess it's a good color for her.  And at least it has a v-neck, which is flattering for larger women.  But it's just too shapeless and covering.  The stitching detail makes the dress look sloppy and wrinkled.  She should take some fashion cues from Queen Latifah.  She know how to dress for a larger woman, and dressed fabulously when she was even larger than she is now.

That's all I know for now, if I find my favorite dress, I'll post about it.

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