Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm baaaaaack! I'm still sick (11 days now!) but I made a supreme effort to dress up most days. I was hoping that I'd feel better because I was dressed up, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy as usual, so click on their links on the right to see what other bloggers are wearing.

Outfit #1

My first attempt at joining the world again, but I ended up only going to the doctor. I've had this shirt for a year or two and though I love the color and love ruffles in general, the ruffles on this one never quite lay right. Plus it's pretty shapeless, so the belt is needed to make it look even partly respectable, but it really doesn't. I think I'm going to give up on this one. I should have gotten a better pic of the belt because it's great - two braided leather ropes joined together at the back and the front. I really like it.

Top - Target / Cardi - Matty M / Belt - ? / Pants - Chadwicks / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #2

Finally made it back to work this day! Another top I'm not sure of, though this one is new-ish. This is the first time I've worn it even though it's been in my closet for a couple months. I love the lace and the color and the Peter Pan collar, but I don't like the length of the sleeves or the length of the top in general. It's kind of short and the scoops in front and back put the sides at a really odd length. Also, it does not look good after its first washing - there are a lot of threads coming off.

Top - Target - $17.99 / Tank - Target / Pants - CAbi / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #3

I didn't give up my quest for printed pants after all! I know they are not the most flattering on me, but I love them and that's what matters! Also, they fit really well, which is practically unheard of. They fit both my thighs and my waist! Hurray!

Top - Target / Pants - Dana Buchman via Kohl's - $48.00 / Shoes - Coach

this pic shows the ruffles of my shirt better
Outfit #4

Yet another shirt I've only worn once and I don't think I love it on me. I love the fabric - it's got these super cute dogs printed on it and I love the lace, but I just don't think it's that flattering on me and I couldn't get it to stay where it was supposed to - the elastic waist kept creeping up and the neck kept falling down. Sad...

Top - Princess Vera Wang via Kohl's - $44.00 (sale price?) / Jean Capris - ANA / Shoes - Target

Outfit #5

Can you believe it? It's finally getting nice here! This day was at least 80 degrees. :) I was so excited to finally wear these items that I've had in my closet for a bit. This top takes a peplum to the max - it's an extreme peplum. I love the "scuba" fabric and the exposed zipper placket is a fun coral color that practically matches my toenail polish. And the skirt's chevron stripes are great.

See how long the back is compared to the front - it's kind of crazy, but I love it!

These shoes have a small wedge. I love the patent leather and I love the peep toes. That toenail polish color (Essie Tart Deco) is the color of the zipper placket.

Top - Lab Works via Target (online only) - $29.99 / Belt - from a skirt / Skirt - Target - $22.99 / Shoes - Calvin Klein

Outfit #6

Another beautiful day, another summery outfit! Though I did wear my jean jacket over this in the morning because it was a little chilly. The skirt is more minty in color than it comes off in the picture.

Tank - Old Navy / Belt - ? / Necklace - Forever 21 / Skirt - Target - $19.99

Whew! That's a lot of outfits! Hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next week!

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