Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to Volume 11 of What I Wore Wednesday! I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy, so click on her link over the the right to check out the outfits of the other bloggers!

Outfit #1

Heading to work in another one of my Goodwill finds paired with some nice existing stuff from my closet, in one of my favorite color pairings - brown and pink.

Sweater - Boston Proper / Tank - Coldwater Creek / Necklace - gift from Michelle / Pants - AB Studio, thrifted - $2.50 / Shoes - Tahari via DSW - $29.97

Here's a closer look at the pretty lace of the shirt and the beautiful rose quartz necklace Michelle got me a few years ago for my birthday.

These brown heels from Tahari are pretty basic, but I find it hard to find good brown heels for some reason, so I bought them even though they're a little boring. I'd also prefer them to be a little darker of a brown, but they'll do. They're pretty comfortable.

Outfit #2

John and I had a client presentation this day, so I dressed up a little more than usual. John likes it when I wear dresses. :) Though you can't see any of the fun details of this dress because I covered them up with the sweater, it's a really great dress. It has figure flattering pleats and my favorite dress detail - pockets. It also has an exposed zipper down the back. And the best thing of all - this dress is a size down from my usual dress size. While I wish I could say it's because I lost some more weight, it's really partly because of the style of the dress (it's fitted only on top, where I'm naturally smaller than my lower body) and a little bit of vanity sizing from Loft.

Sweater - Target / Dress - Loft - $47.70 sale from $79.50 / Necklace - ILY Couture / Belt - from another dress / Tights - Assets / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #3

Wearing another Macy's after-Christmas sale shopping spree item. I don't think I'm ever going to run out! This top has some fun details that aren't noticeable in this pic - vertical pleats down the front and buttons on one shoulder and one hip.

Top - Jones New York via Macy's - $64.50 sale from $129.00 / Necklace - Kohl's / Jeans - J. Jill / Shoes - Charles David

I can't remember if I've ever posted a closer shot of my favorite leopard print heels, but here they are!

Outfit #4

Wore this fun dress out to an event on Friday night called Design After Dark. It's a fundraiser for the Architecture, Design, and Graphics department of the Art Museum. The theme this year was Cirque so I wanted a colorful, fun dress. I found this online, on final sale (no returns), and had to take a risk that it would fit. The size available was smaller than I would normally buy, but it worked!  The dress came with a narrow braided black belt that really didn't go with it, so I switched it out with a wide leather belt I've had for a while. Friday morning I decided I needed a chunky black necklace to wear, so on my lunch break I ran over to the mall to see if I could find one quickly. After being seriously disappointed with Macy's and Claires, I popped into Forever 21 for the first time in many, many years and found so many options it was ridiculous! And so inexpensive! I bought four necklaces for like $40.00. The event was a TON of fun. I felt totally appropriately dressed, with enough "design" details and enough fun for the theme, and I was totally comfortable all night.

Dress - Chelsea & Theodore via Dillard's - $27.00 sale from $79.00 / Necklace - Forever 21 - $14.80 / Belt - Target / Tights - Assets / Shoes - Nine West

Here's a closer look at all the colors in the dress.

And the awesome shoes I wore. I love the details around the ankle and they also have a funky gold zipper along the heel.

I always used to do something different with my hair for events, but then I was never happy with the way I looked, so I kept my hair in my regular style and just changed up the makeup. I was attempting to get a picture of said eye makeup - I went for a smokey eye for the first time ever, not that you can see it here. But I really like the photo that I did get. :) I turned it into black and white (which turned out really cool looking) and put it on facebook, too.

Outfit #5

Wearing my green pants with boots turned out to not be my favorite look, but it was too cold to go with bare ankles, as these pants would do. Here's another one of my fabulous cheap F21 necklaces, though! (Jeez! This outfit is practically all Target!)

Cardi - Target / Tank - Target / Necklace - Forever 21 - $14.80 / Pants - Target / Boots - Ros Hommerson

Here's a slightly closer look at this fun necklace, which is made up of black, teal, and blue beads. I like it as a statement piece with a pretty tame outfit. This tank is also pretty cute, with a pleated cross-over neck above a peplum.

Outfit #6

I'm determined to wear this necklace in a variety of ways, so this day I wore it to work over a silky shirt. Generally successful. I think next time I wear this shirt, I'll wear it untucked with skinny jeans.

Top - Apt. 9 via Kohl's / Necklace - Forever 21 / Jeans - J. Jill / Belt - Lodis via Zappo's / Shoes - Coach

The rest of this week I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day on three days, via my wardrobe only as I am single. :) I'll show you in my post for next week. 

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