Sunday, February 10, 2013

16 vs. (almost) 36

A friend on Facebook did this and included me. I thought it would be fun and I decided to turn it into a blog post instead of just a status update on FB.

Age I was given: 16
Relationship: None
Drove: I wasn't driving yet. I didn't get my license until I was 17. :) But at 17 I drove a yellow Dodge Aries. Very cool car. Not!
Job: Worked at Motions, a dance wear store by DU, fitting toe shoes on uppity ballerinas, etc. Sometime during this year, I also started working at Chateau de Patisserie, a bakery/coffee shop in Tiffany Plaza.
Fear: I was about to change high schools and I had some really big fears about not having any friends at my new school, East. TJ had all of my friends from elementary school through middle school, and I was leaving that for the unknown. But I needed the change. Making new friends at East turned out to be incredibly difficult and for months I felt very alone. Eventually I made a few friends, a small little group to hang out with, but my friendships there would never compare to my friendships with people from before. Now, I can admit that switching schools was probably a mistake. I wish I had stayed at TJ. I wish I could have graduated with all of my friends. I wish I could go to their high school reunions as I don't think I'll ever go to East's.

Age I am now: almost 36
Relationship: Still None
Drive: Silver Nissan Murano
Job: Working as an Interior Designer. I've tried to change careers, but that's stalled out for the time being. For now, I just need to find a job that provides a steady paycheck.
Fear: So many. The biggest two right now - I'm afraid I won't find a job. I'm out of money and freaking out about paying the bills that have accumulated during the last year of not making any money. And I'm afraid of not finding someone to spend my life with. I want a relationship, I want to share my life with somebody, I want to be in love. But it's really difficult to put yourself out there when you're not feeling good about where you are in life.

Who wants to play? I'll give you an age to start with...

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