Friday, December 7, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon that is Gone Girl. Though I've had the book in my Kindle forever, I'm just now getting around to reading it. I'm only about a third of the way in and I have no idea how this is going to end. Usually by this point in a book, I have a good indication of how it's all going to play out, or at least some pretty strong suspicions, and I have my favorite characters. But this book... I'm at a loss. One chapter I think, "Damn, you're a harpy wife." The next chapter I think, "Fucking bastard husband!" Then, "You are seriously crazy pants!" Some of the reviews I've read have said they were disappointed in the ending, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done with it.

2. I have been buying most of my baked goods at the Entemanns factory store. Nothing has anything wrong with it - it's not about to expire or beat to shit. It's not weird flavors or something. It's just cheaper. And it's stuff I'd buy in the store. My super crisp english muffins are literally half the price they would be in Safeway.

3. I'm addicted to books. And buying them from Amazon, delivered immediately to my Kindle, with a card that is saved online so I don't have to enter any information makes is SUPER easy to buy, buy, buy. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. Right?

4. I've come to that time in my life where I buy more Christmas presents for children than anybody else. It's a little weird. And speaking of, I really need to get on that Christmas buying. Before yesterday I had only bought two gifts, and usually by this time I'm practically done with my shopping!

5. This is a serious confession - I like Yanni. I really do. I like listening to his music when I need to relax. It's quite soothing.

6. And speaking of music, the other day I was listening to a radio show that was doing a retro lunch hour. One of the songs they played was a Depeche Mode song that was popular when I was in high school (maybe as old as 8th grade). Am I really that old now that music from my relative youth is considered retro?

7. I'm going to change this post to be Five Quick Takes Friday. I like the alliteration of the title better. :)

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