Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012 Fashion!

Since I'm still home from work recovering from the flu, I figured I'd write my fashion review of the Oscars before I hear too much on the fashion blogs and shows, and let their reviews color mine.  I actually sat in front of the tv for the entire red carpet and the show itself so that I could immerse myself in the dresses.  I even took notes so that I could remember my first impressions! :)

First I have to say that the E! red carpet coverage cracked me up.  The last awards show red carpet was co-hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Ross Mathews (who has to be one of the most annoying people on tv).  It was VERY obvious that Giuliana did not like sharing the spotlight with Ross and REALLY didn't appreciate him trying to take the lead in interviews.  Ross was conspicuously absent last night.  It was great.  But Guiliana and Kelly Osbourne (with her hideous grey hair) thought everybody looked great.  It was like they couldn't find anything wrong with anybody and forgot that they'd ever had an opinion on the Fashion Police.

With that said, I'll start with Guiliana.

I did not think this dress was flattering at all.  The feathered shoulders look like they belong in another decade, the silhouette makes it look like she doesn't have a waist at all, and the color (or lack of) washes her out completely.  What I do actually like is that her hair is up for once.  I am so sick of her hair.  It was nice to see that she can change it up occasionally.

Now, going in order of how I saw people on the red carpet...

Milla Jovovich looked amazing!  This dress was fabulous on her.  It flattered her body and actually made her look slightly curvier than she is.  I like the one shoulder gown, even if the giant shoulder pad-like thing is a little weird.  Her hair was appropriate for it and her makeup was dramatic enough so that she didn't look washed out.  Compare it to Guiliana above - they're both in sparkly white dresses, but Milla looks a hundred times better because the cut is more flattering and her makeup is more dramatic.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this gown on Ellie Kemper!  I love the multi-colored copper/brass/rust sequins.  It looks great with her coloring and the silhouette is really nice on her body.  I do think her bangs are a little heavy, and some people have said that the dress is too matchy-matchy with her hair color, but I don't mind it.  And she is just too cute.  When Ryan Seacrest was interviewing her, she was so friendly and natural, it was endearing.

I really dislike this entire ensemble on Berenice Bejo of The Artist.  Blah.  Blah color.  Blah hair.  Blah makeup.  Blah dress.  It looks like something a much older woman would wear.  The color totally washes her out.  Her boobs are not supported at all.  The hair is not flattering to someone with a high forehead (from somebody with an equally high forehead).  With her coloring, she could have worn a much more saturated green and looked much better and more current.

I actually liked this on Melissa McCarthy.  I've been saying throughout the awards season that she needs to emphasize her waist and add a little bling and here she finally did!  I even liked the dusty rose color on her.  It seemed to make her hair look more red (though you can't see that here).  I liked her hair and her makeup looked nice when they did close-ups.  I loved the bit she and Rose Byrne did when they presented - the drinking game/Martin Scorsese thing.  Very funny.

Jessica Chastain pulled out the big guns!  She looked AMAZING!!!  I'm a little biased because of reading the Fug Girls reviews of her, but Jessica has been really hit or miss on the red carpet.  And though I've already read their review today, I felt the same way yesterday when I first saw this.  It was so regal and stunning and different than anything else she's worn or anything anybody else wore.  The gold and black was really nice with her hair and skin color.  And the fit was very nice as well.  She is so so sweet, too.  She brought her grandma to the show and even brought her into her interview with Ryan Seacrest.  She's incredibly humble and genuine.  I've liked her in the past, but now because of how real she seemed, I like her even more.

Really, Shailene?  Really?  How old are you?  Twenty.  Not seventy.  Though you say this dress is really "you", it shouldn't be.  It's way too old for you.  This look is boring in every way.  Boring hair, boring makeup, boring neckline, sleeves, color.  You're young, have a little fun!  Even if you kept everything the same about this dress but changed the color to something seriously fun, like a bright yellow, it would be TONS better.

Michelle Williams looked great last night.  It was so nice to see her in color, rather than black and white, and see her in a strapless dress, rather than something with sleeves and a crewneck.  I love the details on this dress - the little peplum flounce at the waist, the ruffles, the little jewled bow - all lovely.  I'm not a fan of her clutch, but I don't think she carried it for very long because I actually never saw it until I downloaded this picture.  Maybe she had her ever-present red carpet companion, Busy Phillips, carry it for her because she knew it was ugly.  It's also worth noting that this is not a red dress.  It's a bright orange-y coral color, which is really fun.

That's it for now.  But I have many more dresses to talk about, and even a couple men this time around!

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