Sunday, February 6, 2011

White Jeans in Winter? Absolutely!

I have recently had an obsession with white jeans.  I don't know why exactly.  I've stayed away from them for many years because of their unflattering reputation.  But lately they have been everywhere!  They look classic, clean, refined, simple.  And I wanted them!  So I bought a pair - and I love them!  I couldn't wait to wear them.  But it's winter!  I've been one of those people who wouldn't wear white, well not exactly after Labor Day, but definitely not in the winter.  But then I saw a style program where they advocated for white jeans in winter.  Yay!  Here are some of their tips for making white jeans in winter work:

  • Go up a size in white pants so that they don't show every flaw.
  • Nothing is more chic than white jeans with a chunky cozy sweater or a blazer and leather boots.
  • Absolutely classic and a little like Jackie-O - a black turtleneck, white jeans, and animal print ballet flats.
  • Wear white jeans with tonal solid-color pieces, especially camel and oatmeal.

Here are the white jeans I bought and I do love the look here.

But, beware!  The navy-and-white combination screams spring!

In fact, I want this sweater, but definitely for spring!

I hope that I see more people brave enough to wear white jeans in winter.  I know I will now that I have some cute and flattering outfit options!

See another look here!

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