Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lulu cracks me up!

Lulu is a strange dog.  She doesn't really like many other dogs, mainly just tolerates them.  But she LOVES cats.  They just don't love her back.  I don't think she'd ever hurt them, just exuberently say hi to them.  She doesn't understand that cats have been hard-wired to fear dogs.  Case in point - the cat from downstairs, Kitty.  (Yes, that's really her name.  Those stoner college boys are really original.)  Kitty freezes whenever Lulu comes near her.  Like she blends into the grass or something.  But lately Kitty has been coming onto our balcony to hang out.  I have no idea how she gets up here.  This morning (the first time I noticed this) I put Lulu in the bedroom, let Kitty in and took her downstairs.  A few hours later she was here again!  Lulu was beside herself!  She was trying so hard to get to Kitty through the door.  And barking like crazy!  HI!  NOTICE ME!  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!  I wasn't quick enough to get it on video, but I did get a picture.

I was seriously cracking up.  I don't think Lulu appreciated my laughter.  She stopped barking to stare at me like I hurt her feelers.  Funny dog. :)

P.S. Kitty somehow got down on her own this time.  Michelle thinks she's a special wall climbing cat.

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