Saturday, February 26, 2011

They Say It's My Birthday...

So yesterday was my birthday.  I am now 34.  As Jeannine said, welcome to the mid-thirties.  Fun.  It's actually quite depressing.  I'm beginning to feel old.  Although I thankfully don't have too many wrinkles yet, I think I'm getting arthritis in my hands.  I don't recover from a night of drinking like I used to.  I'm definitely not where I thought I would be with my life or my career, i.e. I'm not married, I don't have kids, I'm not as successful as I want to be.  Blah blah blah.

But then I decided that I don't want this post to be about all that yucky stuff.  I decided to remember past birthday's that were a ton of fun!  Let's start with the most recent first.

This was my 30th Birthday.  I threw myself a big party at one of my favorite places - Dazzle.  YUMMY martinis.  It was so much fun!  Most of my family and friends were there.  My sister came in from Portland, Jen came up from Austin, and Bridget was here from Albuquerque.  This is exactly what a monumental birthday party should be.

I don't know what birthday this was, but I was working for US Home/Lennar at the time and I worked with a wonderful bunch of women.  It was tradition to wear this fuzzy tiara all day on your birthday.  Everybody in the office would wish you a happy birthday.  It was great fun.

This is obviously my 21st Birthday.  It was tradition in our sorority to wear this hat out to all the bars, all night long, on your 21st.  You get ALOT of attention, which basically means free drinks.  And drinking we did!  Thankfully, I had Kate and Zach to watch out for me and take care of me.  And I needed it. :)

There are many more memorable birthdays, but I think the pictures are at my parent's house.  Like the birthday that my mom spelled my name wrong on my cake.  Really.  And one of my first birthday parties when we moved back to Denver.  One of the girls got stuck in a trunk in the basement.  And I wore a sparkly pink sweater dress.  I was so stylin'! 

Ahhh.... now wasn't walking down memory lane much more fun than being sad about what I don't have on this birthday?

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