Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I Wore

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to another week of what I wore!
I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy!

Outfit #1

I love this dress, but for some reason this is the first time I wore it this summer! And this is the only day this week that I wore heels because I slipped on the not-often worn leather soles of these shoes and fell down the stairs at work. Instead of falling back on my ass (where I have some cushion), I fell forward on my knees down the last couple steps and I hurt my foot pretty bad. I couldn't handle wearing my usual shoes and even the flips I wore a couple times were a little tight when I was all swollen. :(

Dress - J. Crew / Shoes - Coach

Outfit #2

Top - Target / Pants - AB Studio / Shoes - Steve Madden

Aren't these cute shoes?!? This was the day after falling and my left foot was pretty swollen. (The bruises didn't show up for a couple days.) These shoes are nice and loose, and I needed to add a pop of color to the outfit. :)

Outfit #3

I love this top but for some reason I don't wear it very often.  I'd prefer this outfit with heels, but that was just not doable.

Top - INC / Necklace - Charming Charlie? / Jeans - J. Jill / Flips - Tory Burch

Look - the bruising is starting! And still swollen. :(

Outfit #4

Casual day at the office.

Top - Target / Necklace - Loft / Skirt - Target / Flips - Tory Burch

That's it for this week! I'll see you back here next week with more outfits!


  1. My favorite of the week was the dress, you look really nice in it!