Monday, August 11, 2014

The Confidence Bucket List

Things I hope to have the confidence to do one day:

1. Wear a swimsuit in public.
This is a big one for me. I really don't like my body enough to put it all out there yet.

2. Ask a guy out on a date.
The single life is lonely. And while I'd much prefer for a guy to ask me out, if I do find a guy I like, I want to actually have the confidence to ask him out. :)

3. Go out in public without makeup.
Pretty self-explanatory. I actually prefer to wear makeup, but I'd like to be confident enough to go out without in every once in a while.
a no makeup pic I posted on instagram recently - eeeekkk!

4. Hike in the Colorado mountains.
Colorado is full of very active, very fit people. One day I want to be comfortable enough to be out there hiking with them. I will never be a mountain girl, but we really do have some beautiful nature here and I want to be able to enjoy it too without feeling like the fat chick who can't hack the hike.
Bridal Veil Falls

5. Leave my unfulfilling, low-paying job.
This one honestly doesn't have anything to do with body confidence, but it definitely belongs on this list for me. I know that this is not all that I can do. Someday I'll get out of this and find a new job and be happier in general because of it.

So, this list is supposed to be ten things and I honestly can't think of any more. I've read through some of the other girls' posts and bucket lists. I already do some of the things they want to do when they have more confidence. Some are things that "curvier" girls aren't supposed to do. I wear tank tops and skinny jeans and skirts and dresses. I wear stylish and close-fitting clothes. I wear red lipstick. I can get up in front of room of hundreds of stylish women and speak to them, and while I might be nervous I know that I fit in with them. I take lots of pictures of myself -hello? Have you seen my What I Wore posts? :)

So I know I'm getting there. I'm already well on my way. :)


  1. I finally overcame the swimsuit thing four years ago. I have grandkids now and I wanted to go with their moms to the pool. I don't swim but I took the plunge bought a suit with a cute little skirt and when I went to the pool no one paid a bit of attention to me! There were actually girls/women there who were much heavier than me just having a good time. Now I don't even look to see if anyone noticed me. I just do my thing!

    1. Good for you, Sue! Hopefully I'll be there someday soon!