Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Wore

Welcome back to another What I Wore! I'm continuing with attempting to wear at least one item per day that is either new or hasn't been seen on my blog yet. That makes it seem like I've been doing a lot of shopping lately, but I haven't! A lot of these "new" things were bought over the past 8 months and are just now getting in the rotation. I'm linking up with Real Girl Style and the Pleated Poppy again, so be sure to click on their links to see the other bloggers!

Outfit #1

Trying to mix up my black and white pants and the high-low peplum top that I've worn separately before. The shoes practically match the contrasting zipper placket on the back of the top, so even though they look a little bright and out-of-place, they really do go together - I promise!

Top - Labworks via Target / Necklace - Loft / Pants - Dana Buchmann via Kohl's / Shoes - J. Crew Factory - $58.50

Outfit #2

Our office has been really hot this week - the A/C is broken and it's been in the 90s, so casual clothes are totally acceptable in my opinion. :) I could not get a good picture of the detail on this tank, so I downloaded the image from the company's website. It has a really pretty crochet detail along the top edge that dresses up the otherwise very casual tank.

isn't it pretty?

I kind of accidentally bought these shoes. I went into Nordstrom to buy perfume and it just happened to be the last days of the semi-annual sale. And of course, I had to pass through the shoe department on my way to the Chanel counter. And of course, I had to check things out. And then I accidentally bought two pairs of shoes. :)

Top - Coldwater Creek - $14.99 sale from $49.95 / Belt - Target / Skirt - Bopeau via Nordstrom Rack / Flips - Coach via Nordstrom - $73.96 sale from $150.00

Outfit #3

Another hot day at the office. But this is what I meant last week when I said I would wear long shorts to the office, but dress them up with heels. I think this is totally appropriate for a casual office. I haven't worn this top since my sister's bachelorette party about two years ago, when my boobs were a bit bigger, and this deep of a v was a little risque for the office. Now that I'm down practically a cup size, this is fine office attire. 

These are my other new shoes from Nordy's sale. :) I love all the different materials on them - the black patent, the tan leather, the dark brown wedge, the striped footbed, and the leopard lining. Very cute!

Top - Chadwicks / Belt - ? / Shorts - Target / Shoes - Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom $39.47 sale from $78.95

Outfit #4

I wore this out to a nice dinner at Shanahan's Saturday night to celebrate Father's Day (and apparently a very belated birthday celebration for me and my Mom - my bday is in February and Mom's is in March!) Even though this dress is essentially very casual, it felt more dressed up with the belt and cardi. And since this is Colorado, I was right in the middle of the range of fashions that people were wearing in the restaurant - from shorts and jeans to semi-casual cocktail dresses on some ladies.

Cardi - Worthington via JCP - $20.00 / Necklace - Charming Charlie / Dress - Chadwicks / Belt - ? / Shoes - Target

Outfit #5

The A/C repairman was coming by the office today, which meant I would be cold in there for sure! Hence the jacket in the middle of summer. (And from now on, I'll have to have a coat or a sweater in there!)

Jacket - J. Jill / Top - Target / Necklace - Gift / Pants - Loft - Shoes - Coach

Hope you liked my outfits this week and that you'll stop by again next week!

P.S. Scotty wanted to get in on the picture taking action again!

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