Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Welcome back to volume 2 of Throwback Thursday! I'm linking up with Bonnie again, and we're all writing about our Elementary School crushes this week.

For some reason I had to really  think hard about this one. For the life of me I couldn't remember very well any of the boys I might have crushed on in elementary school. Middle school? No problem! But elementary school? Wow! That was a long time ago! So I went digging for photos in my parent's basement to jog my memory.

I have a faint recollection that I had a crush on the son of the owner of the day care I went to in San Antonio. But I can't remember his name - maybe David? - and I don't have any pictures of him, so that doesn't make a good blog post! 

Then we moved to Denver and I started third grade at Cheltenham Elementary. There I am down there, second row from the top, third from the left. In a seriously cute pink sweater with a hippo holding a balloon with his tail embroidered on it. And right above me is the first crush I can remember - Chris Anderson. He lived down the street from me, so we rode the bus together to school. I seriously think he was one of the cutest boys in school. 

But I'm pretty sure I never had the guts to really talk to him. See, I was new in town and I had this (at the time I thought) stupid southern accent. I also had this scar on my face from a playground accident and I wore glasses. Even then I felt awkward and that didn't go away for many, many years. And back then Chris was really quiet and shy, too, so that didn't help make us friends.

We ended up continuing on to Samuels Elementary school together for fourth grade. This was our neighborhood school and we all walked to and from school with our siblings and friends. I was still crushing on Chris and to show him how much I liked him, I kicked him in the junk one day during recess. Isn't that how all girls show they like a boy? No? Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong...

I liked Chris on and off through at least sixth grade, which is when all us kids started "dating". Which really meant that you would sit next to your boyfriend on the bus, at lunch, in the auditorium. You might even hold his hand. But you wouldn't actually talk to him! But Chris wasn't interested in me - he decided to date Lauren. Another neighborhood girl. So I moved on to other boys.

I went to middle and high school with Chris, and during high school he changed quite a bit. To the kind of guy who really wasn't my type. I never actually thought of him as my elementary school crush until now and thinking of how much he changed makes me kind of sad to remember him as the sweet, shy boy he once was.

One summer my sister and I and a group of friends all went to the same summer camp. I believe this was probably fifth grade. I think it's a right of passage to have a crush on a camp counselor and below is said guy for me. Of course he was older - I'm guessing he was 17? But I don't even remember his name now. I just know that I took and saved this picture, so I know I really liked him. And because I found the picture, now you get to see him!

Now, if this post was about middle school crushes, I could go on forever and write tons of stuff because I definitely remember those boys! But as it's supposed to be elementary school crushes, this is all I have!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my past! I hope to see you here next week for another story!

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  1. The part about the kicking has me rolling!! :D