Thursday, September 27, 2012

Emmy's Fashion Review - Part 2

Let's start with some of the guys today. Johnny Galecki here looked pretty dang good. I definitely wouldn't have wanted to be wearing a velvet tux jacket because it was 100+ on the red carpet, but since it was officially fall, he looks good. And I really like the blue. I like that it's a change from the usual.

I also really like Harry Shum Jr.'s take on the tux. The burgundy shirt is a nice way to differentiate himself from the sea of white shirts. He looks quite dapper. Nicely done.

I think John Cryer might have been my favorite, though. The grey tux with black lapels is extremely dashing. Plus, plus, also, and... I LOVE his plaid tie. LOVE it with a passion. And how cute was his bumbling, unexpected acceptance speech? Thank you, Duckie. We still love you.

I didn't appreciate Kevin Costner's different take, though. I think he looks sloppy without a tie and his shirt is unbuttoned too far. He's too tan and his hair is a weird yellow color. Is it for a film? For his new show? Regardless, he looks wrong.

Now for some more ladies. Elizabeth Moss here was taking a big chance and I don't think it was entirely successful. Floral is a big trend for fall and the multi-level hem has been around for a season or two already, but I don't think this all works well together here. Maybe there's too many ruffles? Also, I'm not a fan of her hair this light. She's so washed out.

I know we can all agree that Heidi Klum is beautiful and has a stunning body. But this is just too much - too much boob, too much leg. When I first saw this, it was from the side and I thought it was great. Really good color on her and I was okay with the amount of cleavage, but when she started moving - WHOA! Over-exposed!

Jena Malone (remember her from Stepmom with Julia Roberts?) has gotten mixed reviews for this dress, but I mostly like it. I think the color is great for her, I like her hair, I like her shoes, I think the silhouette of the dress is flattering to her body. Yes, the detail at the bodice might be a little busy, but since she's left the accessories near the bodice to a minimum, it works for me.

I absolutely hate with a passion this dress on Hayden Panettiere. I think it's hideous. And I think it would be hideous on anybody, though it would be better on a 60-year old versus a 20-year old. The color of the sheer is okay, but the execution is ugly and the crinkly gold under-dress looks cheap. She is a seriously cute, young girl, with a great bod. This is not doing her justice. She can do much better.

Julia Louis Dreyfus has gotten great reviews for this dress, but I didn't really like it. I don't like the molded boob cups and it seemed a little tight. When she went to accept her award, she could barely walk up the stairs. Also, I hate her hair like this. The center part is not flattering to her face. And lastly, I don't like the color of her earrings. She was obviously going for a Grecian goddess kind of look and the earrings don't help accomplish that at all. The dress does have some pretty detailing on the train though, and it's a pretty color.

Another example of the floral trend not really working for formal wear on Julianna Marguiles. The fabric just seems too thick, too stiff here. Though, hello my favorite pockets!

I love the color of Julianne Hough's dress, but I don't think it's the prettiest dress. And it definitely needs another inch or two of bodice. I feel like it's going to expose her nipples at one wrong move. But I absolutely LOVE the detail at the bottom of the dress. Kind of like feathers. I think it's really artful and pretty.

Kat Dennings here looks generally good. I like the color of the dress and her lipstick. But this is WAY TOO MUCH boob. Another accident waiting to happen. Plus, the gathering at her belly, below the empire waist is superfluous and adds visual weight where no girl wants/needs to add weight. It would be so much better without that. Also, STOP with the center part people! It's not the most attractive place to part your hair! It elongates your face unnecessarily.

Stay tuned for part three and my favorite dresses of the night!

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