Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy Clients

I really think some of our clients are a little bit crazy.  Seriously.

We had gotten approval from a client to access their home with the garage code and alarm code when they're not home.  John and our curtain maker went over there to discuss some things one day and as they're walking up the stairs to the main level, John hears the husband say "WHO'S HERE?  I'VE GOT MY RIFLE OUT!"  Seriously.  (And that's the crazy.)  He actually wasn't supposed to be home and because of that the wife had failed to mention John was stopping by.

I would've shit my pants if that happened to me - thankfully I wasn't there for that bit-o-fun.

Today, John and I were back there.  The wife had again given us permission to access the house, but she told John that her husband would probably be there for a few minutes while we were there.  At least she told her hubby we'd be stopping by this time!   John and I were there for probably 30 minutes before he yells "WHO'S HERE?"  (Thankfully he didn't mention the rifle this time!)  He then didn't come out of his room for another 15 minutes to say hello.

I've never actually met this man, though I have been in his presence in his own home before.  But I am but a peon in his world - I don't matter.  There's no real reason to bother to introduce yourself to me.  When he came out of his room, I was of course the first person he saw.  He doesn't introduce himself or say hello.  He only asks where John is.  John comes out from behind the corner, says hello, and then introduces me.  Only then does this man deem me slightly important enough to speak to and shake my hand.

He's so super excited about this MONSTER tv he just bought that is supposed to be installed later.  He has to show it to us, show us the other new tv that has 3-D capabilities, and actually make us watch part of a football game in 3-D.  Like we have time for this.  Though it actually was really cool, I'd absolutely hate to have to watch tv wearing those glasses.  (Another little bit of crazy.)

Finally he leaves and John and I can go about our business.  Crazy clients.

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