Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oscars 2012 Fashion - Part 3

It's been a busy week and I haven't had time to post my last set of Oscar dresses.  But, finally, here it is!

I'll start with Angelina Jolie's leg, I mean dress.  It's a beautiful dress, really.  Stunning design, deepest black velvet.  It looks amazing with her skin tone.  But oh my god.  Really?  Do you need to kick your leg out so severely to show off the slit of the dress?  Ridiculous.

But the dress is seriously great.  It has an asymmetrical neckline and a bustle on the hip opposite the leg slit.  Awesome.  And with such a statement dress, Angie did nicely subdued hair and makeup.

I was not particularly fond of this dress Emma Stone wore.  I didn't necessarily mind the big bow at the neck, which has gotten a ton of flack.  But I didn't like this color on her.  I think it clashes with her hair.  and I think she's worn much more flattering dresses with more style, that seem more age appropriate.

I honestly don't know much about Penelope Ann Miller here, except that she was once married to Will Arnett.  But this dress was not fabulous on her body type.  She had to be standing like this, with her knees crossed for it to look nice on her.  When she wasn't posing, like when she was actually walking down the red carpet, it showed that she carries her weight in her hips and thighs, and not in a good way.  Of course I couldn't find a photo to illustrate it though.

Although this is not my favorite dress, I actually kind of like it.  Yellow was done at the last awards show, so Nancy O'Dell is kind of late for the boat here, but I like that it's different.  I like the plunging neck on her because she's not too busty for it, and I really like the embroidery details.  I wonder if it would be better if the embroidery was all over the dress, or if it would be too much?  I also think it's risky for a blonde to wear such bright yellow color, but she somehow pulls it off.

One of my favorite dresses of the night was Sandra Bullock's.  Some people have said that the detail at the waist looks like fingers grabbing her, but I don't.  I've also heard it said that the bodice doesn't fit correctly, but once you see the back, you'll understand why the front isn't more fitted.

You can't exactly have a fitted front when the back is meant to drape.  And I think it's beautiful!  Her hair and makeup are lovely, too.

Lastly, my absolute favorite of the night - Gwyenth Paltrow.  I LOVED this white column dress and cape.  It was SO different and a breath of fresh air from all the serious, over-done gowns we saw.  She looks fabulous in it.  I like that she kept her accessories, makeup, and hair minimal.  I liked it without the cape (when she presented), but thought it looked most fabulous like this.  Great job!

That's it, that's all!  Hope you enjoyed my commentary!


  1. you know, this is the first time i've actually looked, like really looked, at angelina jolie's dress! isn't that sad? cuz it IS a gorgeous dress, seriously, love how gorgeously the velvet is draped, it's a beautiful silhouette. but what you notice first is that leg!! haha all the memes are hilarious about it. well thanks for the recap, girl! xoxo linds of