Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soooo Yesterday

John recently pulled an article out of a magazine for me to read and I liked it so much that I thought I'd share the info.  From Utah Style and Design, a list of outdated decor:

  • Matching "sets" of furniture
  • Overly coordinated fabrics (I have to include their note here because I find it funny - Ditch the Laura Ashley mentality.  If your toss pillows match your drapes and place mats, you have trouble.)

  • Silk ficus trees
  • Burgundy, hunter green, and navy blue together
  • Wallpaper borders
  • Distressed finishes and forced antiquity
  • Overly patterned granite (Funny - Any countertop surface that makes you dizzy and camouflages what's on top of it is out.  Though sometimes a statement piece is beautiful - my favorite granite is leopardy print.)

  • Silk plants, baskets, and stuffed roosters on cabinet tops
  • Faux finishes
  • Giant eucalyptus wreath displayed above your fireplace (Again, funny - It's dusty, dated, and simply wrong.)
  • Tiebacks, balloon shades, and draperies skirting the floor. And please, no swags, tassels, or fringes either (This one I have to partially disagree with - in some homes and for some clients, curtains pooled on the floor is perfect.)
  • Vanity bar lights with large lightbulbs
  • Wide grout joints
  • Bedspreads
  • Upholstery with bun feet and rolled arms (Again, I have to partially disagree.  Some rounded arms are still completely appropriate, especially in traditional homes.  Straight, simple, and clean lines are usually most beautiful and more stylish, but not always right.)

Hope this helps!

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  1. That top picture reminds me of the Greenbrier's fashion!