Saturday, January 21, 2012

Golden Globes Fashion - Part 2

Finally finishing my take on the Golden Globes dresses!

I seem to be in the minority with my opinion of Octavia Spencer's dress. I thought she could look better.  Here are some of her other dresses from the week leading up to the Globes.

This seems so much better to me.  Imagine this long and it would have been perfect for the Globes.  There is not undue attention to her mid-section but the belt slims her.  Her hair is fresh and pretty.  Much better than the stodgey up-do she had at the Globes.  Her girls look nicely supported and her posture is good.

This one is also more flattering.  It has draping that makes it a little bit similar to her Globes dress, but there is much less of it so it's less eye-drawing to her mid-section.  Although I do think she could've used a better bra here.

Now, on to the other ladies.  Not in a preference order, but alphabetical by first name (because that's how my computer saved them). 

Angelina Jolie
Ms. Pitt here got mostly raves for this dress.  And I don't particularly love it.  It was expertly fitted, but I thought it seemed stiff.  And I didn't like the pop of red on the turned collar.  I think I would've liked it with a more open neckline and without the red.  I did like the red lips and purse, though.  It seemed very different for her, as lately she's been wearing lots of flowing, billowy dresses, so the change is nice.

Julie Bowen
This dress has been getting mixed reviews.  Some saying it's a little tween or costumey and some saying it's been done before.  But I love it.  I think it's romantic and flirty and soft and feminine and pretty.  I think it looks good on her and I like her hair and her clutch.  So there.

Laura Dern
I really like this dress.  LOVE the color and the beading, the neckline, and the belt.  The color is good with Laura's natural paleness and light hair.  I think Laura lacks curves so the belt is helping to define her waist.  I do wish she had done something different with her hair though - it's quite boring.

Lea Michelle
Ugh.  Really?  You're not J. Lo.  And you're not old enough for this.  You couldn't just stand there and look good, you had to pose and throw your shoulders forward to make it work.  No.  But your hair and makeup were pretty.

You can't really see it in this picture, but this dress was way too tight on Madonna's boobs.  They were popping out and she looked like she was suffocating.  I rather like the top of the dress, but the bottom was a little too Cinderella's step-sister for me.  And the single glove - why?

Michelle Williams
Again, ugh.  She is so much cuter that this dress could ever hope to be.  It is not a flattering cut.  The color is okay, but the fabric (which I think was a sparkly velvet thing) is awful.  And the headband is stupid.  She's done her short pixie hair much better than this.  For someone who was up for and won a Globe, she should have put in way more effort.

Mireille Enos
For those who don't know who this is, she was on Big Love and The Killing.  Yellow was a trend at the Globes and I think this dress was one of the best.  I think it looks great with her hair color.  I like the loose top over the nipped in waist and the not-too-full skirt.  I think the white/shimmery aspect is beading, which is done to nice effect.  I also really like her red lips.

Nicole Kidman
I really like this dress on Nicole.  It has some really fun detailing with all the studs.  It's fancy without being over the top, especially since she wasn't up for any awards.  It is perfect on her body.  Some people thought it was too light with her skin tone, but I don't agree - you wouldn't be able to see all the studs if it was too much darker.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ummmm...  This looks like it was a serious dye accident.  I don't have anything nice to say.  I don't like the style of the dress, nor the fabric.  I kept thinking it would be okay if it was all one color or maybe a real print instead of this... but I think the silhouette is too bridal and a real print would probably be too busy with all the tucks on the "apron" piece.  Supposedly her daughter liked it so Sarah wore it.  Word to the wise - don't let your children pick your red carpet attire.

Tilda Swinton
So, Miss Swinton here is usually very androgynous with her clothing selections.  Lots of suits.  I think this is a beautiful way to keep her signature style and glam it up for the red carpet.  It's amazing on her.  It's a beautiful color with her skin tone and hair.  The silk jacket has great details and the chiffon fish-tail skirt makes her look 12 feet tall.  She has fun, funky jewelry for a little sparkle.  Good job.  Well, except for the hair.  It's very Flock of Seagulls.

Connie Britton
Lastly, I had to include Connie Britton, since I LOVED her last red carpet dress so much.  This is what she wore to the Golden Globes.  Not a luncheon the day before.  Not a kids movie premiere.  The Globes.  Really. Not. Okay.

That's it.  That's all I have.  But since it is awards season, I'm sure there will be more soon!

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